LIS 390W1A - Web Technologies and Techniques

News - 11/12/2007

I have recombined the Links and Course Technology pages into the Course Technologies & General Links page. It's a bit unwieldy, but I found myself forgetting on which page I had put certain links, so I figured it might be confusing for you as well.

News - 8/27/2007

I have made several significant updates to the website for the course. These include:

  • Creating a Course Technology page for the site that will explain, give reference to, and instructions for the various technologies we will be using in this course. Some of the content of this page has been taken from the Links page.
    • The information about text editors has now moved to the Course Technology page, in case you are looking for it.
  • The schedule has been reshuffled a bit, including the addition of guest lectures by Dr. Jon Gunderson and by Cameron Jones.
  • The Final Project has been defined
  • The Course Philosophy page has been uploaded and added to the site. It was a broken link (sorry!).

Also, TextWrangler has been installed on our classroom machines, so we'll be using that from now on.

While the class schedule may still switch around some, at this point, Weeks 1-9 are pretty much set, so if you want to read ahead, feel free to do so. Week 10 and thereafter may still be reorganized a bit. Also, the Website Evaluation Assignment and the Personal Website Assignment are set, so you may feel free to start working on them at any time.

Finally, please tell me about any inconsistencies in the website, and if there are any broken or mis-directed links. I have done my best to catch these when they occur, but I'm sure I have created some inadvertent errors.

News - 8/22/2007

Welcome to LIS 390W1A. This course syllabus (homepage) is still in the process of being modified. I'm still trying to balance the material, and thus I probably will still be rearranging the labs, possibly adding new ones, etc. Also, the end of the semester is still pretty flexible, so if you have suggestions for things you want to cover, please let me know.

The assignments and labs still do not have submissions proceedures. I understand this is important, but because GSLIS has recently been significantly changing its technological infrastructure, I am still in the process of evaluating competing options (and in trying to get some of them to work). Hopefully next week all the technical issues will have been taken care of.


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Class Time & Location

Mondays & Wednesdays, 10:00 am - 11:20 am
Room 52, LIS Building
Fall 2007